Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Camera Capturing Movement

The Rave Scene

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Above I put a link of a video I made of my friend using colored lights to create amazing visual effects. He is very into the rave lifestyle, and is extremely talented at making designs and shapes with several lights and/or glowsticks. Personally, I think it is mesmerizing watching him do this, so I decided to film him and add some music to enhance the experience. I think it turned out great.

Here are also a couple of pictures of my friend using colored lights, and glowsticks attached to strings, while swirling them across his body. The trail of light effect was created by exposing the digital camera longer to the subject, thus having more light being exposed to the lens.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Role of Concept Art

Beginning to End...

In the video game community, artwork is a gigantic piece to the development of characters, backgrounds, and the overall finished product. The starting process relies heavily on visual ideas and initial concepts as a buliding block for the game. Above are two pictures; first on the left, a drawing of a regular soldier in the popular game Halo: ODST. Second, on the right is the finished soldier, with graphics completed to bring the drawing to life. There are many similiarites between the two, having the artist use the original sketch as a true guideline for the computerized desgin.

Above is another example of concept art from the 'Halo' gaming universe. This is a live-action drawing, that shows a real example of action in the game; including the soldiers in combat against their purple foe. It also brings more of the background, or setting into play. This helps further realize the potential product or experience that finished game will recreate in motion.

This is another interesting piece of concept art that I found online. I thought this one, better than any of the other ones, showed exactly what kind of environment the game wanted to compose of, along with creating a sense of emotional loneliness....which is interesting because most people wouldn't associate concept art as true finished art, when in reality, it may be the biggest piece of the puzzle.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Impact of the Artwork

The Rebirth of Art

The Renaissance is my favorite period of artwork, because of the entire re-birth of culture and education throughout Europe. Much of the artwork is symbolic and meaningful, having the artist taking great detail in his work. A lot of the paintings were either religous, or based on the important subjects of the time. This was due to how artwork was commisioned, or how the artist was paid for their work. The Church was responsible for spending a lot of it's money to produce masterpieces of art, in order to show the people who attended Church just how awe-inspiring these religious images, and sculptures actually were.

To me, this painting above: "The school of Athens" by Raphael, is a prime example that embodies the whole Renaissance movement, because it contains many historical figures throughout time in one place, representing philosophy, mathmatics, astronomy, painting, sculpting, literature, etc. showing just how powerful knowledge can be. I think it is very interesting how paintings reflect this time period, and how people went out of their way for the sake of learning.