Friday, December 4, 2009

Chalk, Street Art (cont.)

The street art i was looking at in my last blog dealt with 3-D imagery, and trying to get the picture to pop out. In this type of street art, the artist uses chalk and Michelangelo's "God Creates Man" painting from the Sistine Chapel ceiling as a reference to create his own copy of the masterpiece. Personally, I thought the artist did a great rendition of the original piece, spending countless hours and getting all of the details to match up. I wondered though, how was it different using chalk to copy a fresco painting. Did the difference in materials make it harder or easier? It was painstaking either way, because in the video of the artist making this modern copy, it took him 3 solid days of intense work to complete it.

Here is the video link here:

I just think that this re-do of this Michelangelo piece shows just how popular Renassiance art is even today, and that it is easily recognizable and shows up countless times in our lives.

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