Thursday, November 5, 2009

3-D Tattoos

Skin Art
One of my friends recently got a tattoo, so I became interested in some of the extreme extents that tattoo artistry can go. These are a few of the pictures that I thought were very eye-opening. The first picture looks incredibly realistic; it seems like it is actually ripping through the skin. I liked it because it seemlessly was one with the person and didn't look like it was just pasted on them.

This next tattoo also looked very realistic, and I felt as though the spider was just standing on the person's shoulder. I think the artist did a great job of shading to portray a sense of three dimensions around the subject. I also liked the placement of this tattoo. Any other place on the body might have looked akward, but having the spider on his shoulder made it that more believable. I know I did a double-take when I first looked at this.

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