Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Modern Car Design

Customization: color, shape, and vinyls

Car customization has been alive and well since the inception of the automobile. However, more recently, aftermarket car parts have taken off, and many car owners are looking to the almost unlimited amount of options to make their car their own expression. Beginning with the car itself, including it's unique shape and design, is like the pallete for which a driver can begin to apply his or her artwork.

The first thing somebody notices about a car is it's color. From vibrant oranges to lime greens, the color decides how the rest of the customization will be. For example, the second picture deals with a green car, and a blue vinyl (sticker) on it. This combination looks quite natural because both of the colors are cool colors, and blend together easily.

Some cars have extravagent designs on them, ranging from the actual of the body to the car to even the windows themselves. I really like this design on a Lamborghini, it realy fills out the car; however i thought it was interesting because this is such a fast car, it perplexed me to have such intricate artowrk on something that wont be seen on the road.

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