Thursday, November 5, 2009

Most Expensive Paintings

How Much Would You Pay?

This painting was reportedly sold for $140,000,000 dollars. It is by Jackson Pollock, and is an example of his famous "drip" method. This is the most money a painting has ever sold for at an auction.

When I look at this painting I can think of thousands upon thousands of paintings that are of a higher quality, in my opinion. It just baffles me that a painting like this, and paintings in general can be sold for such unbelievable amounts of money.

It is true that the art collecting world is a rich man's game, and that if you want a painting by a famous artist, you will have to the millions.

This next painting is by Pablo Picasso, entitled "Garçon à la Pipe". This painting was sold for $104,100,00 in 2004. Even though this price for a Picasso was not out of the question, it was seen as surprising since it was not an example of his famous cubist technique.

Vincent Van Gogh makes the "top 10 most expensive paintings of all time" list 3 times. With this painting, "Portrait of Dr. Gachet", being sold for the most out of his works. Sold for $82,500,000, the purchaser wanted to be creamated with the painting when he died, although the painting was never burned after his death. But I can't blame the guy for trying to take it to his grave after paying that much money for it.

After all of my research I found out that only one painting, out of the top 10 most expensive, was out of the 19th or 20th century, whcih could mean that people value modern art more now...or perhaps only because all of the ancient art is in museums these days.

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