Sunday, October 11, 2009

Graffiti POV

Whenever I make my way into the heart of the city, graffiti is plastered on the walls. It is all around, covering the sides of buildings, trains cars, local businesses. Many people consider it a nuisance since it is viewed as vandalism and/or gang related. This may be true, and I do not support that reason for it’s use, but I have also been a witness to some incredible graffiti art that can be seen in a positive light.

Personally, I think graffiti looks ridiculously hard to create from just a can of spray paint. The precision and control it must take is really something to admire. Now what someone will do with the gift of a steady hand and a can of paint is up to them. If more people created influential works then this form of art work may start to be re-evaluated and seen as a viable option to express oneself.

I think most people would consider the following pictures as true, amazing, and inspirational works of art. The word graffiti has a negative connotation, but if more images of this nature starting appearing in the cities, people might have second thoughts about the power of spray paint and an open mind.

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