Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Skateboard Deck Design

The Possibilities are Endless

Take a guess at who desinged these skateboard decks...it is not a leading skateboard company, or not even somebody who is associated with skateboarding at all. It is none other than British artist Damien Hirst, who came together with 'Supreme' to release a series of 3 Skateboard decks. Hirst, who is known for spin paintings and graphic spot paintings, has added this to all decks. I know Hirst is not known for his paintings, as we plainly witnessed for oursleves in class; but I thought this spin desing of paint worked marvelously with the theme of skateboarding.

How all of the colors interact with one another and look as though they have just been thrown onto the piece of wood. It may not be a usual approach to deck design, but I think it represents skateboarding as a sport almost perfectly. The combination of tricks, fast movements, and the spinning sensation the rider gets when flying through the air....it is all represented on the bottom of the deck. I really like Damien Hirst's design here, and although I dont really like much of his other works, I found these to be quite intriguing and appropriate for this medium.

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