Sunday, October 11, 2009

How Art is Influencing us Today

Artwork from times in humanities past has a way of influencing people today, and forever into the future. Either it be a direct correlation or a sense of inspiration to think about thinks differently, even possibly creating new art from it. I know in the Renaissance time period artists directly gained inspiration from their peers of the time, and looked to change their own work using new found techniques or styles being created. Today I think people continue to look into the past, even if it is to just completely go in the opposite direction with their art; because the past is vital in decoding the future. The only way to find out what is new is to first know what is old. It gives us perspective about the world around us.

Having taken several art classes during my time as a student, without a doubt many artists have influenced my thought process about pieces of art, and art as a whole. Different art gives me different emotions, and all art makes me stop and think, even if I don’t necessarily like what I am looking at. I’ve learned my thought process is continually shifting, changing every day, and how I view the world can change through art work.

These two pictures are just another example of how art can be a direct influence throughout time.

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