Monday, October 5, 2009

The Importance of Setting

Video Game Level Design

Video games, like movies, and books, and other forms of artwork are apreciated because they sometimes bring an audience into a far away world, where the imagination can run wild. Where the senses become overwhelmed with color and vibrance and realism. However, video games somewhat differ in this experience because instead of just watching the action unfold, the audience controls the action right in front of them, with a push of several buttons.

The idea is to combine exploration and functionality with entertainment. For example, the first two pictures show very different settings; consisting of a possibley abandoned artic station to an Earthy romantic tone in the second image, with nature starting to overwhelm the man-made structures. Both are intriguing in their own way, drawing in the audience with a unique sense of wonderment and curiosity, while at the same time knowing they are no the first to step foot there.

This third picture adds a sense of depth to the environment, really provoking the audience and opening their imagination to interpretation of what and where this place is. I know when I was looking at these level designs I started to ask myslef these questions: What is this place? Why is it important? Does it serve a function? And why am I here?

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